What is vinyl adhesive?

These days, vehicle bodies are sign-written using computer-cut vinyl adhesive lettering. It comes in a roll of solid colour (imagine a roll of wallpaper) that is fed through a plotter which is, in turn, connected to a computer. All lettering and artwork is laid out on the computer screen and then ‘sent’ to the plotter, which has a small blade that moves from side to side as the vinyl is fed forward and backward - thus enabling the sign writer to cut any shape. When used in imaginative ways, effects such as highlights and drop-shadows can be created for eye-catching effect. See the images in the Vehicle Graphics gallery and Creative Signs gallery for great examples of how these techniques are used.

How does cut vinyl differ from digital print?

Where cut vinyl is a single colour, digital print is full colour reproduction of photographic imagery. Other factors to consider are difference in price and potential life span - so we take care in considering which of the two options is the best for you. If digital print must be used then in a lot of cases the final job ends up being a mixture of the two.

How long does vinyl last and can it be removed?

Basic vinyl is warranted for 4-5 years but it comes in various ranges and some have a greater longevity. Full colour digital print usually has a warranted life span of 3-4 years and can be laminated to make it more durable. Vinyl that’s been applied to vehicle bodies can be removed - so if your vehicle has pre-existing stickers we can remove them prior to applying the new.

Will I see layouts and proofs before you start?

Yes. First we’ll take your existing logo (if you have one) as well as your basic information (contact details, web address, bullet points, etc.) and then discuss with you the features of your business that you want to get across with your signage before creating two or three different drawings for you to choose among. After receiving any suggestions for alterations, we’ll fine-tune the drawings and move elements around till the design is one that you’re completely happy with.

How soon can I get my vehicle sign-written/signs made?

It usually takes an average of about 10-14 days from the time drawings have started to be produced to getting the vehicle fitted or the sign manufactured. It all depends on the variables that are peculiar to each job. If communication is good (and the weather is kind, in the case of vehicle graphics) then jobs can be turned around fairly fast.

Still need to know more? Then please contact us by email or phone and we’ll be very happy to answer all your other questions.